Internet access has become a commonplace resource for collecting information and communicating with others. Whether you’re at home, at your small business, or using your mobile device on the go, you want to feel good about the internet you pay for and the service you receive. How will you know which internet provider has the right service for you? Here are five factors to look at when choosing the right fit.

Location, Location, Location

The first factor to consider when looking for an internet provider is the location where you live or work. Even some national provider’s services do not work well, or at all, in certain areas of the country. If your business is in a more rural area, you might have limited options. Only after you’ve gathered a list of internet provider options available to your location, can you can get started on the review process.


Securing your wireless internet, whether in your home or at your company, is absolutely necessary. Everyone has private or privileged information being saved on their computers or servers. All of that private information has to be protected as well as it can be. Encrypting your wireless internet connection will prevent people from accessing your network, unless given permission by you. Another benefit of encrypting your network is your ability to monitor activity online. You’ll be able to detect suspicious movement if it were to occur, and take the appropriate action to squash any unwanted activity.

The Need for Speed

When it comes to internet service speed options, there is one term you’ll want to know – fiber optics. Verizon FiOS crushes the competition in speed for cost. Fiber optics has uploading speeds five times faster than cable. After fiber, cable is your next best bet for speed. If you are able to afford Verizon FiOS, and live in an area where it is available to you, this should not be a tough decision for you to make.

Consider the maximum amount of individuals that could be using your internet at the same time. If you have three or four teenagers in the house, and they all want to stream video online, you might consider paying extra for higher download speeds. The same goes for the office. How many people are going to be accessing the network and what will they be doing on their computer? Paying a little extra to guarantee a smooth and speedy internet user experience can be worth it.

Cost is All Relative

Your internet costs can range from $20-$300 per month depending on what you will be using it for. Households will often be less expensive than businesses, due to user numbers being lower in most instances, and businesses with ten or more people may have to make an investment closer to $300 or more. When you have high-speed internet, with emails going in and out and calls coming through without a problem, business can run more smoothly.

Do Not Rely on Customer Service All the Time

When a problem occurs with your internet, you will probably want to fix it quickly. Generally, internet service providers will not be able to pop over to your house or place of business immediately to fix a problem. As we’ve researched these service providers, we’ve come to the conclusion that customer service is not perfect anywhere. More often than not, people write bad reviews about a company instead of publish testimonials of how great their customer services experience was. Be careful when reading these reviews, focus more on the best fit for your situation, because it’s not uncommon for people to have challenges with their internet on occasion.


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18 Responses to “The Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Internet Provider”

  1. Tomas Killington

    My wife and I have recently moved into a new condo. We both have online class, so we are looking for a good internet provider. I didn’t realize how important it is to choose an internet service provider that offers good security to ensure your information stays safe. I’ll be sure to remember this consideration moving forward.

  2. Kyle Winters

    One of my parent’s friends had about five teenagers in the house at one time, so I think he’d have definitely appreciated your advice about fiber optics. It’s not just him though, everybody wants to be on the internet as fast as they can these days. If you know you’ll need to be downloading and uploading a lot then you’ll definitely want to aim for a high internet speed.

  3. Deb Pearl

    I moved to a new town and I have been wondering how I can find a good internet provider. That is a good idea to make sure that the provider services are close to where I am. That would make sure that I get good service. Thank you for the tips!

  4. Hannah Neilson

    I agree that you would want to find out if an internet provider encrypts your network. It would be a good idea to consider this because it would show that they are worried about your security. My sister’s internet is really slow, so she’ll have to find a good ISP that encrypts her network.

  5. Callum Palmer

    I agree, speed should be a major factor to take into consideration when choosing an internet service provider. This is especially important if you are looking for service for your business. You’d want to make sure that you have a speedy internet connection to help customers and your employees as fast as possible.

  6. Anthony Wally

    I thought it was interesting to learn that some providers work better in certain locations than others. My brother is moving to a new home and will need an internet and cable provider, so this would be helpful for him to know. I’ll definitely pass on the tip that he should look at what providers have better speeds and services based on where he lives.

  7. Derek Dewitt

    My wife and I just moved to a new home, so we are looking for a new internet provider to get set up with. I like that you mention how fiber optic cables have upload speeds 5 times faster than regular cables. We might need to look into this more so we can get these faster speeds too.

  8. Amanda Drew

    That’s good to know that internet costs can range from $20-$300 per month, and the actual price will be determined by how often you use it. I’ve recently moved to a new place, and I really want to get internet installed soon. I’ve got to stream my shows. So your tips are really helpful and will help me find a good internet provider.

  9. Duncan Lance

    You have to be really careful when you are choosing an internet service provider since there are likely to be several factors that you want to look into before choosing one. I think it is particularly helpful that the article brings up security as one of the big ones to look into. After all, you always want to be careful of identity thieves, so having a secure internet provider can help with that.

  10. Elsa Anderson

    You made a good point when you said to consider first your location before choosing an internet provider to guarantee the speed of connectivity in your area. It makes sense because not all internet service providers have built cell sites or transmissions in the same area so the speed result will vary. If I were to put up a business, I’ll make sure to gather round the list of providers in my area and check each strength in their internet connectivity before making a decision on which to pick.

  11. Ken Hwan

    I really appreciate your advice to check in the contract about possibly leaving a contract early, especially if you move again to an area that they don’t cover. My family moves quite frequently for my father’s job, and we have had a hard time finding an internet provider that is accommodating of that. I will definitely show this article to my father, and we will keep an eye out for internet providers that understanding our frequent moving situation.

  12. Easton Memmott

    I love the tip you gave to hire an internet provider that is located close to your home, so you can easily get their best services. My current internet provider has been very frustrating because their speeds are so slow. I will be sure to choose a new provider who is located close by.

  13. Duncan Lance

    I agree, when you’re looking for an internet service provider than speed is an absolute when it comes to comparing them. After all, you will want to make sure that the connection’s speed can meet all of your needs. For example, if you are a photographer uploading a ton of photos on a weekly basis then you will want your internet to be pretty speedy.

  14. Brooklyn Johnson

    I like how you mentioned that when choosing an internet service provider, you need to consider the maximum amount of individuals that could be using your internet at the same time, you might want to pay more for a faster speed. My husband and I are moving into our first home, and need to choose our internet service provider, but have no idea what to look for. I will definitely utilize your great tips and information when trying to choose the best internet for my family.

  15. Daphne Gilpin

    Thanks for explaining that fiber internet has uploading speeds up to five times faster than cable internet. The company I work for will be moving to a new building soon, so we’ll need to find an internet provider for the new building. I’m glad I read your article because now I know fiber internet services is what we should pursue to prioritize speed.

  16. Steele Honda

    Thanks for pointing out that if you have three or four teenagers in the house, and they all want to stream video online, you might consider paying extra for higher download speeds. My husband and I are trying to decide on which internet service we should get since our kids are using a lot more internet now than they used too. I think that getting something with a high speed that could handle all of us being on it at once would be really nice and definitely something that I would consider paying more for.

  17. jack stiles

    We want to find a new internet provider for our office, and it will be important for us to know that we could find one that will be affordable. I love the tip that you gave to consider the costs of the different services. When we are looking, I will be sure to compare several companies’ costs, so I could choose the best deal.



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