6 Questions Successful Tech Pros Ask Before a Job Interview

Different companies use different types of interview processes.

And, even within the same company, different hiring managers can have different interview procedures and styles.

Because of this, the first step to setting yourself up for success in your next Tech Job Interview, is to ask your Recruiter, HR contact, or Hiring Manager some basic questions about the interview ahead of time.

So, here are 6 Questions Successful Tech Pros Ask in Advance, to Prepare for a Job Interview:

Question Number 1

“Can you please confirm the interview location address for me? I have it as <Address>.”

Assuming the company address you found online is the same as the correct interview location could lead to a late arrival, or no arrival at all, on interview day.

So, confirm your interview location in advance.

Especially, if you’re interviewing with a large corporation, which may have multiple office locations,

Or difficult-to-navigate parking options, and high-rise office buildings.

Question Number 2

“What is the appropriate dress code for the technology team, as well as the company as a whole (if different)?”

Although it wouldn’t be the worst thing to arrive dressed to the nines for an interview where the interviewer is dressed down,

Not knowing if you’re dressed appropriately can be a cause for anxiety on interview day.

And you want to be as stress-free as possible.

Though being overdressed almost always trumps being underdressed for an interview, take the unknown out of it and ask for the dress code up front.

Question Number 3

“Will there be different components of the interview, or will it be all direct face-to-face Q&A with the hiring manager?”

According to an article by Inc Magazine called: The Job Interview will Soon Be Dead,

Companies, especially software & technology companies, are replacing the traditional interview process with different methods in an effort to get better hiring results.

Automatic, the company behind WordPress, has replaced traditional interviews with job auditions.

Perhaps there may be a technical exam component, multiple interviews with different team members, or another interview style type when you’ll be interviewing.

Ask in advance if there are different components to the interview, and be better prepared.

Question Number 4

“What are the names of the managers or team members I’ll be interviewing with?”

Successful job candidates understand the importance of building rapport with their interviewer.

Indeed, reducing the natural tension that accompanies the interview process is important in establishing trust and good conversation flow.

And knowing someone’s previous work history, personal interests, or common connections can help you engage in the type of tension-reducing conversation that precedes a good interview.

Nowadays, social media platforms like LinkedIn are great places to identify common interests or mutual friends.

All you need is the interviewer’s name in order to do some research.

Question Number 5

“What information about these interviewer(s) would be good to know, as it relates to their personalities and interview styles?”

Whether it’s about general mood, or interview style, or personal interests, first-hand insight can be extremely valuable.

So, get as much of it as you can on your interviewer.

If you can learn about their daily work habits, how they think, or their general demeanor in managing others, that’s valuable information you can use in preparation for your interview.

Remember, you’re not interviewing with a company per se. You’re interviewing with people.

And the more compatible you are with your interviewer’s persona, the more likely you are to land the job.

So, do your best to get the scoop in advance.

Either from the Recruiter, HR contact, or another source, including the hiring manager themselves!

Question Number 6

“In your opinion, what quality characteristics do the team members have, who report to or work with the interviewers?”

This 6th and final question, is an extension of question 5.

Though here, you’re asking about the people around the interviewer, as opposed to inquiring about the interviewer themselves.

But what you’re really asking is:

“What type of person is going to get offered the job?”

If you can learn about the personality types the interviewer works best with, then you’ll have a key to understanding the type of person they’ll want to hire.

Help Prepare With a Script

Hey. Those are great questions, you say!

But what exactly is the best method to ask them?

Here. We provided a script for you: 6 Questions Successful Tech Pros Ask Before a Job Interview Email Script

Asking Questions is a Normal Part of the Process

Remember, most Technology Professionals are introverted by nature.

Thus, your natural tendency may be to deflect phone or in-person correspondence to email (or some other technology tool).

But in the interview process, you want to be different. AND you want to respect people’s time as well.

So emailing the questions is ok, but don’t be afraid to pick up the phone – it’ll help you stand out.

Ultimately, most HR Managers and Recruiters will be happy to answer your questions,

As it helps best set up the interview for success – which is their goal too.

Take Action to Succeed

There you have it – 6 Questions Successful Tech Pros Ask Before a Job Interview.

Now it’s your turn to teach the rest of us.

Which of these 6 questions, do you feel is the most important to ask in advance of an IT Job Interview?

Is it Question 3: Asking about the style and format of the interview?

Or Question 6: Asking about the people who work for the interviewer?

Or do you think a different question is more important? One that didn’t make our list.

Let us and the Tech Pro world know, by leaving a comment below.

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