Maximize Your Hiring Success with These Three Mindset Components

Allison's First Day Photo

Recruiting top talent for any organization can be a difficult task. It requires an understanding of the current job market, as well as the right resources and strategies to attract potential candidates. However, there is often one overlooked component that has a significant impact on the success of hiring efforts: mindset. Having the right attitude […]

Hire Quality Talent Faster With an Effective Hiring Timeline

In today’s talent-squeezed recruitment landscape, finding and hiring the people you need for your organization can be incredibly challenging. At its worst, the process is time-consuming, frustrating, and costly. By taking a few simple steps to streamline your hiring process, you can gain a competitive advantage – one that allows you to attract and hire […]

How to Avoid Getting Your Cyber Insurance Claim Denied

This story originally appeared in Buffalo Business First’s Leadership Trust. With digital threats on the rise, more businesses are viewing cybersecurity insurance as a priority or a necessity — not just something that’s nice to have. It’s especially become more important in a post-Covid business world. Still, a cyber insurance policy is just a starting […]

Lighthouse Technology Services Unveils New Office at Seneca One

Image of Inside the Lighthouse Office at Seneca One

We’re eager to share our new office space at Seneca One Tower in Buffalo, New York with all of our team members, clients, and friends. We still have some ‘to-do’ items (hanging artwork, mounting TVs, etc…) to complete, but we are all moved in! We’ve Moved! And For Good Reason – We’re Evolving Lighthouse Technology […]

How Can Your Small Business Stay Ahead of Big Cyber Threats?

In an increasingly connected world, hackers have more ways than ever to attack small businesses and exploit vulnerabilities. However, among the many external threats business owners are aware of, cybersecurity often takes a lower priority against more immediate, visible issues. Astronaut Neil Armstrong was quoted as saying, “That’s one small step for [a] man, one […]

IT 101 – What’s a Network?

 Lighthouse’s IT 101 Videos are intended for Business Owners, Managers, or anyone interested in learning about how IT works in a business context. Lighthouse Technology Services provides IT Support Services and IT Managed Services for Businesses. Video Transcription Today’s IT 101 Topic – Networks! What’s a Network? We’re talking about IT here so: Not a […]