IT 101 – What’s a Server?

Lighthouse’s IT 101 Videos are intended for Business Owners, Managers, or anyone interested in learning about how IT works in a business context. Lighthouse Technology Services provides IT Consulting and IT Managed Services for Businesses. Does Your Business Need a Server? If your business is small to mid-size, you may wonder if you need a server […]

6 Questions Successful Tech Pros Ask Before a Job Interview

Different companies use different types of interview processes. And, even within the same company, different hiring managers can have different interview procedures and styles. Because of this, the first step to setting yourself up for success in your next Tech Job Interview, is to ask your Recruiter, HR contact, or Hiring Manager some basic questions […]

The Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Internet Provider

Internet access has become a commonplace resource for collecting information and communicating with others. Whether you’re at home, at your small business, or using your mobile device on the go, you want to feel good about the internet you pay for and the service you receive. How will you know which internet provider has the […]

How to Hire an IT Pro for Your Buffalo, NY Small Business

Running your own small business is a major challenge. In order to make sure your business’s technology runs smoothly and gets you where you want to go, you may consider hiring an IT Professional. Below are some tips on what you should be looking for in an IT pro for your small business. Do You Need a […]

The Complete Guide to IT Infrastructure for Small Businesses

Are you having trouble getting your IT Support Infrastructure setup? Do you find there are too many decisions to be made with not enough time to research all of them? Below is PART I of our helpful guidelines to making sure the IT side of your small business hits the ground running. 3 Words: Router […]

How to Successfully Apply for a Technology Job

Applying for an IT Job in Buffalo, NY can be challenging. Like in many cities across the globe, IT Professionals are in high demand in Buffalo. With high salaries and so much at stake, IT Hiring Professionals are diligent in their search for the right IT Team Members for their Teams. How You Apply for […]