Lighthouse Technology Services Unveils New Office at Seneca One

Image of Inside the Lighthouse Office at Seneca One

We’re eager to share our new office space at Seneca One Tower in Buffalo, New York with all of our team members, clients, and friends. We still have some ‘to-do’ items (hanging artwork, mounting TVs, etc…) to complete, but we are all moved in!

We’ve Moved! And For Good Reason – We’re Evolving

Lighthouse Technology Services has two types of team members: those that work internally (in our offices), and those that work externally (at a client’s location or remotely). Now, with the development of downtown Buffalo’s Seneca One Tower into a regional technology hub, we’ve found ourselves motivated and inspired to move into what is envisioned to be the epicenter of the Buffalo-Niagara technology community.

Lighthouse Technology Services President Randy Harris, on what this new office will do for us moving forward:

“Not only is our new office located in the amazing technology hub that Seneca One is becoming, but our new space itself is configured much more efficiently, giving us a host of different environments for our team members to work both privately and collaboratively, all while providing sweeping views of downtown Buffalo, Lake Erie, and even Niagara Falls and Southern Ontario, Canada. This new space will allow us to embody our vision of becoming the most inspiring technology partner in the world, and give us room to grow our company and add on more people in the future.”

More Amenities

Our new location provides a much more exciting and inspiring access point for all of our team members and connections. Not only are we able offer all of the amenities that come with our office space, but we’re now able to access a whole host of additional shared amenities available to tenants of Seneca One. Amenities like additional conference room space, bar and clubhouse spaces, and food hall and restaurant options – all in the heart of downtown Buffalo on the Seneca One property.

A few pictures of the new office are shown below.

Now, if you’ll please excuse us, we have to update all of our business address listings across the entire internet…

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