Small Business Guide to Cybersecurity 2023

yellow background with a digital mockup of the printed cybersecurity booklet. It has a blue cover with yellow and white designs on the pages inside.

Cybersecurity is one of the top concerns for businesses across the United States looking to 2023 and beyond. The complexity of business networks and the number of devices connected to those networks create more potential vulnerabilities every year, and hackers and cyber attackers are constantly finding new ways to gain access to these systems.

For small business owners especially, the impact of a data loss or network breach can be catastrophic.

But what aspect of cybersecurity and protecting systems and data that isn’t discussed as often?

The human impact. Your customers who can feel deeper trust in your business, knowing their data is protected. Your team members who can work confidently, with tools and policies in place to keep their work protected.

The range of cyber threats is growing, and we want leaders like you to feel confident that you have the tools necessary to succeed in this environment. In the guide, we outline different circumstances and situations that affect how companies like yours can and should tackle cybersecurity, and address topics like supply chain and cyber insurance requirements.

Click here to read the Small Business Guide to Cybersecurity 2023.

Knowledge is power, and we hope this Small Business Guide to Cybersecurity leads you to a proactive mindset when it comes to protecting your business.

When you’re ready to take that knowledge to the next level, consider the current state of security in your business! The complementary Cybersecurity Workbook is your guide to assessing areas of strength and areas of potential improvement when it comes to security management for your small business.

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