The Lighthouse Approach to an Inspiring Culture

Lighthouse team members standing in a modern lobby with bikes they assembled for a community service event

Workplace culture is often looked at as an intangible concept. Ask ten employees what a positive work culture means to them, and you might get ten different responses. At the end of the day, a positive culture helps employees bring their best selves to work and make an impact on the business. We are living […]

So You’re Looking for Tech Opportunities in Buffalo?

overhead view of downtown buffalo

Between advances in familiar industries and the growth of a new ecosystem powered by startup incubators and innovation centers, Buffalo is becoming a destination for technology job seekers on the move! This change is evident across the city, and you can see it in the data, too. Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) found that […]

How Can Your Small Business Stay Ahead of Big Cyber Threats?

Woman with black hair seated at a coffe table, she has a gray notebook and a gray laptop which is loading a VPN

In an increasingly connected world, hackers have more ways than ever to attack small businesses and exploit vulnerabilities. However, among the many external threats business owners are aware of, cybersecurity often takes a lower priority against more immediate, visible issues. Astronaut Neil Armstrong was quoted as saying, “That’s one small step for [a] man, one […]

How to Ace the Virtual Career Fair

Over the last two years, we’ve all become well acquainted with virtual events replacing in-person meetings. When videoconferencing platforms became a go-to for schools hosting classes, families hosting gatherings, and communities of all kinds trying to stay connected, our relationships with these virtual event platforms changed. In that same vein, virtual career fairs are becoming […]