The day before the Bills’ home game against the Cardinals, we were fortunate enough to get a tour of New Era Field and the ADPRO Sports Training facility. The upgrades that have been made over the past several years to multiple parts of both facilities are a sight to behold. Our tour guides were kind enough to let us take some video of our experience, which we pieced together for our friends and team members to see.

We started our tour in the ADPRO Sports Training Facility, which held the indoor, turf practice field (the roof above it is twelve stories high and apparently no punter has ever hit the roof). Just outside was the outdoor, grass practice field which gives the team the ability to practice in the elements. We made our way back inside, across the turf, into the attached team weight room which held all state of the art, football centric, exercise and training equipment. Compared to every gym we’ve ever been in, the Bills’ weight room was an impressive space.

Leaving the weight room, there was a tiled memorial wall with a tile for every single player to ever play in a Bills game. Every square on the mural was represented by a Bills player or achievement. As we made our way into the meeting room, people were amazed at the class and brightness of the space. Brand new chairs and a large white board in the front of the room to project plays, ideas, and make decisions on.

The main player’s locker room was our next stop. This was a massive space with player stalls, TVs, reclining chairs, and gaming tables to make the room feel more like a second home. All of the player stalls were aligned by position, so you were always sitting with players that played your position (running backs sat with other running backs and so on).

We visited the game-day locker room afterwards, which was a space for before, during and after games only. Even though it was Saturday, each player’s equipment was hanging in his stall, ready for the next day’s game. The game day locker room space had plenty of room, but, different from the main locker room, the coach could look at almost everyone if he wanted to give a speech from the center of the room.

We ventured onto New Era Field and were able to walk across it just hours before the Bills faced the Arizona Cardinals. The field itself looks smaller when you’re standing on it, than it does when you see it from the stands or on television. But the stadium looks massive when you’re on the turf. We jumped up the stands to check out the press box and by chance caught a view of where the Bills’ IT team operates during the game.

Thank you Buffalo Bills for the opportunity to view the team’s facilities, and take some video of our tour. We are proud to be season ticket holders. Go Bills!

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