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Here are the Buffalo, NY Top IT News Stories of the Week (June. 4th) as based on the story’s likes, shares, and interactions from our social media sites. The content provided is mainly for Buffalo-Based IT Professionals to help keep them informed as they continue to impact and grow Buffalo’s tech reputation. We provide IT Staffing Services and Business Tech Support for businesses in the Buffalo area.

Which Tech Job Segments Offer Massive Salaries and Signing Bonuses?

If you’re an expert in blockchain, some companies will cheerfully shell out a million-dollar signing bonus (and huge salaries) to bring you onboard, according to a new article in The Wall Street JournalLong-established companies and well-funded startups seem equally likely to make those kinds of outsized offers, according to David Schwartz, chief cryptographer at blockchain firm Ripple, who told the newspaper that he saw two seven-figure offers dangled before a promising blockchain developer. (Just in case your blockchain knowledge is a little rusty, here’s a simplistic definition of the technology: a blockchain is a distributed database that maintains a chain of “blocks,” or records…Read More

The State of IT Security, 2018

Every year, CIO conducts its State of the CIO survey. This year’s results are in, and the numbers will help you understand how the CIO role continues to evolve in today’s climate and define your agenda for 2018. The complete survey covers a wide range of topics, but for this article we thought we’d focus on security, as breaches are increasingly costly and infosec a crucial part of your tech strategy. This is a question that covers everything from the big picture – who’s in charge of IT security, and to whom do they report? – to the nitty gritty – how big is their budget? Let’s dive in and see what the numbers tell us. One of the best ways to see if a company is prioritizing something is to…Read More

Senior Tech Contracting Jobs at Risk in Banking, Fintech

There has, it appears, never been a worse time to be a tech contractor in banking, particularly if you’re “experienced” (i.e., aged above 40) and expensive (i.e., you cost more than $670 a day). Banks are doing their utmost to cut back on technology contractors, and people who’ve been in the industry for decades are going hungry. Or so they tell us. “I’ve been a senior business process analyst for over 35 years,” said one senior contractor. “I recently found out that the people that work in the mail room at our bank get paid more than I do now.” While pay in middle office jobs such as compliance and risk has risen since the financial crisis, senior contractors claim pay in their area has…Read More

Cyber Insurance: Is It Worth The Investment?

Last year, Aon Inpoint reported about 80 percent of buyers of stand-alone cyber premiums were medium-sized to large companies. However, smaller firms are increasingly assessing their cyber exposure risk as concerns about the potential impact of a cyber incident continue to rise. “The majority of breaches worldwide occur at companies with 1,000 employees or less because they’re low-hanging fruit for hackers,” explained Ed McGuire, director of specialty insurance at FBinsure. “These companies have minimal IT staff and moderate budgets.” Prior to this month’s long-anticipated GDPR laws going into effect, the healthcare, financial, and retail industries have been the most…Read More

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