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Here are the Buffalo, NY Top IT News Stories of the Week (Jun. 11th) as based on the story’s likes, shares, and interactions from our social media sites. The content provided is mainly for Buffalo-Based IT Professionals to help keep them informed as they continue to impact and grow Buffalo’s tech reputation. We provide IT Recruiting and IT Staffing for businesses in the Buffalo area.

10 Most Difficult IT Jobs for Employers to Fill

The 2018 State of the CIO report finds, after years of discord, IT and business are finally learning how to effectively work together to drive strategic initiatives and accomplish shared goals. To do that, of course, organizations need IT talent — but some roles are harder to fill than others. Jobs related to cutting-edge technology such as AI, VR and machine learning can be so forward-looking that education programs can’t keep up with pipeline demands, while others such as cloud, application development and enterprise software simply have too much demand for the available supply. Finding and retaining IT talent requires organizations to think outside the box and focus less…Read More

The Top Blockchain Jobs You Need to Know About

Blockchain development already tops some lists of the hottest skills in the IT job market, and thousands of blockchain jobs in the U.S. are now up for grabs. But what kind of blockchain jobs are companies posting, and how good is the pay? About 23% of larger enterprises are now actively working on Blockchain apps and they will typically hire a project manager, one or two application designers, and two to four developers – all with prior blockchain experience, according to Janco Associates, a management consulting firm that conducts regular salary surveys. Not surprisingly, salaries for blockchain positions are typically higher than in other areas of expertise…Read More

iOS Developer Résumé: Skills and Experience to Include

So you’re trying to write an iOS developer résumé, and you have no idea where to start. We have two words for you: Swift, Objective-C. If you’ve learned anything about iOS, you know that Swift and Objective-C are the two languages used to write iOS (and macOS, and watchOS) apps. Objective-C has existed for more than three decades, while Swift is a mere three years old—having been introduced to replace Objective-C as the “main” language for Apple apps. If you want to land any sort of iOS job, recruiters and hiring managers will want you proficient in both languages, even if Swift is rapidly supplanting Objective-C as developers’ language of choice. Why both? Read More

Are You Cooking With Gas or Is Your Top Talent Slowing You Down?

An NPR Marketplace story caught my eye a little while back. In the article, Aimee Drake, a manager at Portland’s three-location Cup & Saucer Café, explained just how hard it is to hire cooks in a tight labor market.  “It is a very specialized skill, particularly for us, being a high-volume restaurant,” she said. Without enough cooks at the grill, frustrated customers wait longer for their orders. Even worse, there are days when a location can’t open at all. Having too few cooks puts Cup & Saucer Café at risk. Aimee is not so different from CIOs who’ve been sharing their own versions of this story with me for 20 years. A reported 41 percent of organizations have problems…Read More

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