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Here are the Buffalo, NY Top IT News Stories of the Week (Jan. 3rd) as based on the story’s likes, shares, and interactions from our social media sites. The content provided is mainly for Buffalo-Based IT Professionals to help keep them informed as they continue to impact and grow Buffalo’s tech reputation. Lighthouse Technology Services provides IT Staffing Services and IT Recruiting for businesses in the Buffalo area.

H-1B Cap Planning Starts Now

Although we are still officially in the year 2016, it is a good time for employers to start preparing for the H-1B Cap for Fiscal Year 2018, which begins October 1, 2017. Demand for the H-1B has steadily increased over the years.  Specifically, last year only about 36% of the H-1B petitions were selected in the lottery. Employers should expect this trend to continue and be prepared to file their H-1B petitions on the earliest possible date, which is April 3, 2017 this year (April 1, 2017 falls on a Saturday). The H-1B is a significant visa category as it allows qualified professionals…Read More

7 IT Recruiting Predictions for 2017

In 2016, recruiters grappled with an evolving job market, an incredibly competitive hiring landscape, a shortage of IT talent and sky-high salaries for in-demand roles. Those trends are likely to continue into 2017 as recruiters continue to adapt to the this high-demand, low supply hiring landscape, says Dave Morgan, president of IT and engineering for professional recruiting and staffing services firm Addison Group. “We’re very optimistic about what 2017 will hold. We don’t see the IT market slowing down at all — we saw a slight tick downward in the fall…Read More

Top Tech Markets And The Rent-Growth Slowdown

Technology centers have fueled the strong national apartment market since the great recession, with performance well above the national level. But, while these tech markets are expected to continue to outperform the rest of the country, the pace will likely simmer down a bit. In alphabetical order, the 10 biggest tech markets are Austin; Boston; Denver; Minneapolis-St. Paul; Portland, OR; Raleigh; San Francisco; San Jose; Seattle; and Washington, DC. The job numbers are taken from the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services subsection…Read More

The Year in Tech: 2016’s 10 Greatest Wins, Milestones, and Epic Comebacks

AMD’s days as a CPU also-ran may be over with its upcoming Ryzen chips based on a new Zen architecture. The first Ryzen consumer offering, an 8-core chip code-named Summit Ridge, appears to best Intel’s high-end Core-i7 6900K CPU in initial benchmarks, while consuming considerably less power. AMD hasn’t revealed some crucial details about Ryzen, including price and “boost” speed, but what we’ve seen so far suggests that the CPU game is about to get competitive again. Here’s hoping Ryzen lives up to the hype when it launches in the first quarter of 2017. Read More

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