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Top Tips & How-Tos of the Week for Buffalo, NY IT Pros (Oct. 12th 2017) Feature

Here are the Top Tips & How-Tos of the Week for Buffalo, NY IT Pros (Oct. 12th) as based on the story’s likes, shares, and interactions from our social media sites. The content provided is mainly for Buffalo-Based IT Professionals to help keep them informed as they continue to impact and grow Buffalo’s tech reputation. We provide IT Staffing Services and Business Tech Support for businesses in the Buffalo area.

Convincing Your Boss to Give You Development Time

Even though tech pros have access to a plethora of free training programs and open-source projects, finding the time to pursue professional development is easier said than done. In fact, some experts maintain that tech pros need around 20 hours per week to practice and acquire new skills; but just try finding that kind of spare time while working. So here’s a suggestion: take a few hours out of your workweek for professional development—after getting your boss’s approval. What types of approaches will work on your boss? Here are some ways…Read More

Tips for Transitioning from the IT Department to CEO Chair

Innovative by nature, IT pros can make excellent business leaders. Take Dawn Lepore. She started in the IT department at Charles Schwab and rose to the position of CIO. Then, she joined as CEO and positioned the company for acquisition by Walgreens. Then there is Andrew Rashbass. He served as IT director for The Economist before being named CEO of Later, he became CEO of Thomson Reuters. Yet despite natural inclinations that make professionals with IT backgrounds a strong fit for the demands…Read More

6 Essential Libraries for Every Python Developer

Python has seen wide adoption across industries and disciplines by dint of being easy to work with. But it has also been aided by a wealth of third-party projects—libraries, add-ons, and complementary development efforts—that extend the language to an ever widening range of use cases. Some of these projects, like PyInstaller and WxPython, shine for Python developers who are building desktop and end-user apps. Others, like PyPy, are used to give server-side Python apps extra oomph. And others, like PBR, CFFI, and MyPy, are useful for…Read More

9 IT Projects Primed for Machine Learning

Machine learning is fast becoming a reality for forward-thinking organizations. But for most businesses, the best way to take advantage of the capabilities of machine learning technologies remains something of a mystery. Still, the drumbeat to experiment keeps getting louder. And the truth is, your competitors may already be laying the groundwork. IDC forecasts revenues for AI systems worldwide will almost double to $12.5 billion this year, and keep growing at a similar rate until they hit $46 billion in 2020. Some of that spending will go on hardware…Read More

How Devops Changes Monitoring

Devops is in many ways a modern evolution born out of the old way of doing things. Waterfall development methodologies were too slow, deployments to production were too infrequent, and the traditional separation of developers and operators was an obstacle to change. By combining a little philosophy and a lot of tools, devops unlocks dramatic increases in speed and efficiency. Devops brings more automation to every stage of the application lifecycle, and the time to market for new applications is reduced significantly. Yet all of these changes have…Read More

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