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Top Tips & How To's of the Week for Buffalo, NY IT Pros (Nov. 3rd)

Here are the Top Tips & How-Tos of the Week for Buffalo, NY IT Pros (Nov. 3rd) as based on the story’s likes, shares, and interactions from our social media sites. The content provided is mainly for Buffalo-Based IT Professionals to help keep them informed as they continue to impact and grow Buffalo’s tech reputation. IT Resources and Business Tech Support for businesses in the Buffalo area.

10 Cybersecurity Questions Trump and Clinton Should Answer

This election has been more about style than substance, more about the candidates’ pasts than their plans, more personal attacks than policy proposals. Even the debates, where the moderators attempt to discuss issues in need of decisions and actions, have been more notable for the ferocity of attacks than the shrewdness of the strategies. In an election where hackers have played a prominent role in revealing embarrassing information about Democratic leaders, to the point that the bad actors are suspected of trying to influence the election…Read More

Achieving IT Agility: 4 Steps To Start Your Journey

IT agility is about far more than adopting agile development practices. It requires a complete rethinking of your entire IT organization in order to help your company achieve the digital transformation needed to survive. That’s the conclusion of a new report from The Hackett Group, which identifies four key steps to take as you begin your journey toward IT agility. What can your IT organization do to help your company achieve digital transformation? That’s the focus of a report from management consulting firm The Hackett Group Four…Read More

(Video) CIO Career Coach: How to Ace a Job Interview, Part 3 

Welcome to the sixth episode of “CIO Career Coach,” a video series I created with and, the video division of CIO’s parent company IDG. This installment is the last in a series of three videos focused on helping you ace your next job interview. In the previous episode, I shared valuable pointers on how to turn an interview into a conversation, and I stressed the importance of structuring your responses. I have spent many years coaching candidates who were looking for the IT leadership jobs of their dreams. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve seen it all. Read More

7 Reasons Consumers Don’t Take Action on Cybersecurity

One of the more important lessons of this year’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month is that awareness of cyber issues among consumers is very high, but translating that knowledge into action continues to lag. This trend was underscored once again by two new studies that were released last month. One issued by Arbor Networks reported a broad anxiety among Americans about their personal online safety, with at least 75% of consumers concerned about their security, privacy, malware or websites tracking them. Read More

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