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Top Tips & How-Tos of the Week for Buffalo, NY IT Pros (Nov. 15th 2017) Feature

Here are the Top Tips & How-Tos of the Week for Buffalo, NY IT Pros (Nov. 15th) as based on the story’s likes, shares, and interactions from our social media sites. The content provided is mainly for Buffalo-Based IT Professionals to help keep them informed as they continue to impact and grow Buffalo’s tech reputation. We provide IT Staffing Services and Business Tech Support for businesses in the Buffalo area.

Project Management Salaries: Talent Gap Reveals Long-Term Growth

Organizations are increasingly relying on project management professionals to implement strategic initiatives, drive change and deliver on innovation. And whole industries just now realizing the value of project management are expected to spur a boom in demand for project management skills in the coming decade, according to the a recent report from the Project Management Institute. Project managers, especially, bring a valuable set of skills and knowledge that organizations will increasingly need to execute strategic projects in the years ahead.Read More

4 Tips to Protect Sensitive Business Data at Border Crossings

Did you know that when international business travelers re-enter the United States, customs officials have the right to seize their devices, duplicate the contents and return them to their owners days later? Of course, all of that puts your company’s sensitive information at higher risk of exposure. Outside of the U.S., customs officials in many countries may demand access to laptops, smartphones and tablets and view the data they hold, from documents and emails to web browser histories and call logs. Officials can transfer copies…Read More

Tips for Improving Your Agile Skillset

If you want bigger paychecks, adding Agile skills to your personal toolkit could be the way to go. A recent survey confirms that tech pros who have mastered the Agile methodology can command overall salary premiums of 22.6 percent. Best of all, the higher pay applies to application-development job titles as well as strategic positions (i.e., management). However, achieving proficiency in the methodology is more difficult than it might appear at first. The list of soft skills and practices that developers, QA testers and project managers need to master…Read More

10 Cloud Mistakes That Can Sink Your Business

“The sun always shines above the clouds,” optimists enjoy telling us. What they fail to mention is that beneath the clouds there’s often high winds, torrential downpours, lightning and the occasional golf-ball-size hail bombardment. The same is true with cloud computing. On the sunny side, the cloud offers a variety of benefits, including the promise of enhanced reliability, flexibility, manageability and scalability. Look below, however, and you’ll see the cloud’s dark side — a place where a single error, oversight or miscalculation can lead to utter…Read More

5 Secret Perks of Remote Work

Working remotely is awesome. So good, in fact, we recommend it for everyone – and it’s a benefit that an increasing number of tech pros are seeking from employers. If you’re curious as to why, here are the things nobody tells you about working remotely.  Offices have dress codes, and they’re stupid. Sorry, HR, but forcing me to wear khakis to the office just so I can sit through meetings and “blend in” is a terrible idea. Working from home, you get to wear what you want. If you feel like wearing slacks (first, who are you?!), go for it. Read More

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