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Top Tips & How-Tos of the Week for Buffalo, NY IT Pros (Jan. 25th 2018) Feature

Here are the Top Tips & How-Tos of the Week for Buffalo, NY IT Pros (Jan. 25th) as based on the story’s likes, shares, and interactions from our social media sites. The content provided is mainly for Buffalo-Based IT Professionals to help keep them informed as they continue to impact and grow Buffalo’s tech reputation. We provide IT Staffing Services and Business Tech Support for businesses in the Buffalo area.

Blockchain is Poised for a Big Business Breakout

For all the hype, blockchain has yet to go mainstream in the enterprise. That may well change in 2018 as the technology’s reputation for trusted transactions continues to grow among IT leaders. Blockchain is a shared digital ledger for recording transactions. Each transaction among participants in a network is tucked into a record known as a block that is digitally signed to ensure its authenticity and create consensus about the state of transactions at any given second. What has CIOs excited about blockchain is its ability to scale across…Read More

The Future of Coding is About Making Real Things

Blockchain and Dunning-Krugerrands will probably make less of an impact on the world than 3D printing and AI, especially for developers. We get paid a lot to push bits around the internet, but ultimately people want those bits to result in things happening. As AI and manufacturing come together through 3D printing, we coders will come in charge of how things are actually made. In fact, this is already happening. How can you as a developer get started in this? Well, having a 3D printer and knowing how to use it is a good start…Read More

6 Effective Strategies for Improving Employee Retention

If you wait until a valued employee’s exit interview to find out why they’ve decided to move on, you’ve missed out not only on keeping a productive member of your team, but on a golden opportunity to identify obstacles and challenges within your organization — and fix them before you lose others. Employee retention is a critical issue facing today’s enterprises. The cost of employee turnover are increasingly high — as much as 1 to 2.5 times an employee’s salary. And there are “soft costs” as well: lowered productivity, decreased…Read More

10 Costs Your Cyber Insurance Policy May Not Cover

If you handle enterprise security, chances are good you’ve purchased – or at least researched – cyber insurance coverage. After all, it’s not a matter of “if” you’ll be breached, but “when,” and it’s important to know you’ll be covered when the time comes. Cyber insurance is a relatively new field and coverage is evolving as the threat landscape shifts. Depending on your policy and the threat you’re addressing, there are subtleties in your policy that may not be evident at first but are important to ask about when you’re purchasing. “Unlike your…Read More

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