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Top Tips & How-Tos of the Week for Buffalo, NY IT Pros (Jan. 11th 2017) Feature

Here are the Top Tips & How-Tos of the Week for Buffalo, NY IT Pros (Jan. 11th) as based on the story’s likes, shares, and interactions from our social media sites. The content provided is mainly for Buffalo-Based IT Professionals to help keep them informed as they continue to impact and grow Buffalo’s tech reputation. We provide IT Recruiting and IT Staffing for businesses in the Buffalo area.

14 Tips to Land the Job You Want in 2017

If finding a new job is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you’re in luck — 2017 should bring a healthy employment market, and there’s no better time than now to turn your career-related resolutions into reality. “If you resolved to get a new position in the New Year, now is the time to start preparing. There’s always an uptick in hiring right after the holidays, and if you’re prepared and eager, you might get first crack at some great new opportunities,” says Jamie Chafel, recruiter for the software technology search division of recruiting and staffing firm WinterWyman. Read More

11 Predictions for the Future of Programming

The only thing that flies faster than time is the progress of technology. Once after lunch, a chip-designing friend excused himself quickly with the deft explanation that Moore’s Law meant that he had to make his chip set 0.67 percent faster each week, even while on vacation. If he didn’t, the chips wouldn’t double in speed every two years. Now that 2017 is here, it’s time to take stock of the technological changes ahead, if only to help you know where to place your bets in building programming skills for the future. From the increasing security headache of the…Read More

Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Recruiter

Although most recruiters try to balance the needs of job hunters and hiring managers, surveys show that tech pros don’t always feel that third-party recruiters have their best interests at heart. Unfortunately, some recruiters betray the trust of candidates by prioritizing the needs of employers, submitting résumés without permission, and advocating salary concessions just to line their own pockets. So how can you tell if a tech recruiter is worthy of your trust? “Trust is confidence born of three dimensions: Character, communication and competence,”…Read More

Newbies, Nerves, and Networking: Lessons for IT Rookies

You have to start somewhere, and when you’re the new tech in the office, those early days can be full of surprises and discoveries. The new job, whether it’s the first or the 50th, brings promise, opportunity, and excitement (hopefully) — as well as stress and disorientation. In those early days, it’s hard to prepare for the office culture, the new technologies, or the mistakes newbies inevitably face. Published in the anonymous InfoWorld Off the Record blog, here are some real-life stories from IT pros who survived mishaps and surprises as the fresh-faced techie in the office. Read More

8 Tech Dangers Every Novice Can Avoid With These Tips

Tech novices need our help. They tend to run into the same pitfalls, and some of them make the same mistakes over and over. A novice friend may have cost you hours of informal tech support. Here’s something you can show them before that next desperate phone call. To the novices out there: Get smarter by reading this. Remote support scams usually start when someone calls you out of the blue, saying you have some computer problem or have been hacked. You might see a dialog box pop up on your computer, prompting you to call or download something. Read More

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