The biggest concern for any job seeker is finding an organization that actually “cares” about you.  This is what I found for the first time with Lighthouse Technology Services.  Working with Linda, she was very professional, extremely responsive, and most of all gave it her very best to find job opportunities.  She went the extra mile to fit my needs and find something I can be happy with.  She replied to my emails immediately and was very honest with her responses.  Most recruiters after not finding something the first time would have given up and moved on but not Linda.  She kept trying for months and would always contact me right away when any job came in the market.  She did not give up and didn’t let me feel like hope was lost.  It’s that extra effort that makes Lighthouse above the rest.  I am a current employee and would recommend Lighthouse to anyone in the market.

Job Seeker – Caring

I have thoroughly enjoyed my relationship with Lighthouse and fully appreciate everything they have done for me.

I consider it a great relationship and a privilege to have had such a long partnership with such a fine company.

Job Seeker – Partners

I view our business relationship as very successful and would certainly continue using Lighthouse Technology Services and recommend them to my IT peers in other companies.

Employer – Recommended

Over the past ten years or so, I have had the opportunity to work with Lighthouse Technology Services, Inc., who has been able to provide IT consultancy/contract staffing support to my organization.

I have found Lighthouse very easy to work with. Some of the highlights I have noted are:

  • Very professional
  • Extremely responsive
  • Meets staffing requirements with the correct skill sets
  • Flexible
  • Provides top talent
  • Willing to offer pricing discounts for an organization
  • Willing to take the extra steps in creating/modifying contracts or legal documents to ensure a strong and efficient relationship
Employer – Professional

If you’re looking to work with a staffing company that will go above and beyond to help you find the right people and put your needs first, Lighthouse Technology should be top on your list.

Employer – Above and Beyond

I received my first placement with Lighthouse almost two years ago and I can always count on their staff for their professionalism, support, and knowledge of the requirements.

Job Seeker – Support

There is no asset more important to a technical services supplier than a good reputation. LHTS has understood that from day one (I was there as an employee and can attest to that!). Professional employees, consistently delivering quality services results in satisfied clients who appreciate a relationship that is fair and dependable.

Job Seeker – Reputation