We’re eager to share our new office space at 2560 Walden Avenue, Suite 112, in Buffalo, New York with all of our team members and clients. We still have some ‘to-do’ items (projector screens and pictures to be mounted and hung) to complete, but we are all moved in!

We’ve Moved! And For Good Reason – We’re Growing

Lighthouse Technology Services has two types of team members, those that work internally (in our office), and those that work externally (at a client’s location, or from a remote office). Since moving into our former Amherst, NY office in 2013, our internal staff has doubled in size and our client base has grown as well, and we continue to grow.

Lighthouse Technology Services President Don Harris, on what this new office will do for us moving forward:

“The new office is in a central location for all of our employees and clients. We needed more space, so this larger office will allow us the room to grow our company and add on more people in the future.”

Operations Manager Anne Putnam also described the move:

“We are growing. We wanted more space for our clients as well as more space for our employees to congregate.”

A Growing Company Needs More Space

Some of the challenges we ran into before the move were the conference room was not big enough anymore, and not everyone in the office had a designated workspace they could call their own – even if they only worked in the office sporadically. Now we can accommodate all of our internal team members, and even add more in the future without bumping into each other.

Our new central location provides a much greater access point for all of our connections, whether coming from or driving to the Northtowns, Southtowns or Downtown. As an IT Staffing & Recruiting Agency and IT Support Company, we have clients, team members, and IT Job applicants spread out across the greater Buffalo area – we’re now much more accessible for all.

A few pictures of the new office’s common space are below.

Now, if you’ll please excuse us, we have to update all of our business address listings across the entire internet…

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