IT Support & IT Projects

From networking the new office location, to replacing that old server, to upgrading desktops to the newest version of Windows, IT Projects keep businesses operating and can move your business forward.

Lighthouse Technology Services offers you the ability to leverage our team of IT Professionals to tackle your company’s projects, no matter the skill level required.

Investing in Your Technology

There are two types of projects the Lighthouse Team is asked to complete by the companies we serve:

  • Technology Projects that keep the business operating
  • Technology Projects that move the business forward

All Technology has a life cycle and eventually your company’s technology will reach a point where it no longer operates or is no longer relevant. You need to keep the business operating and downtime costs money. Replacing your outdated IT Infrastructure assets is a must do, and the best IT Department heads and Business Managers do this proactively, before they experience problems. We can do that for you.

If you’re looking for an edge on the competition or ways to make your people and operations even more efficient, an IT Project can be the solution to achieve your goals. Whether it’s the implementation of new hardware or software, or a networking setup that allows your people to work from anywhere, Lighthouse Technology Services can get you to the next technology level.

Here’s a listing of just some of the projects we’ve been asked to complete:

  • Technology Analysis, Strategy & Design
  • Software/Hardware Implementation
  • Server Virtualization
  • Business Continuity Plan Development
  • Network Optimization
  • Network Vulnerability Identification
  • Security – PCI, HIPAA Technology Audits
  • Email Solution Enablement
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Provisioning
  • Azure Services Provisioning
  • Remote Access Solutions Implementation
  • High Capacity Wireless Data Links Setup
  • Company-wide Operating System Upgrades
  • Microsoft Office 365 Implementation
  • ERP Implementation
  • Server Installation
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Development
  • Cloud Services Migrations

A Better Technology Future Awaits

Once you engage with us to explore IT Project Work options, we’ll use a brief phone conversation to introduce ourselves and understand, from a high level, more about your business and technology goals. If we’re an appropriate fit for what you’re looking for, we’ll schedule a time to visit with you at your office, where we can put our eyes on your location(s) and IT assets, and better understand the goals of your project in line with the greater business vision. We’ll share our thoughts and recommendations and if we agree to move forward together we can usually get started as soon as you say “go.”

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