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The Recruiting Process we use to identify the proper IT Staff Augmentation Professionals for our clients is the same Recruiting Process we use to deliver fully-screened IT Professional Candidates for Permanent Positions. Whether it’s a full-time position you’re looking to fill within your IT department or a part-time role, our IT Recruiting Team can provide you with candidates that fit your vision. We have thousands of IT Professional Contacts, locally, nationally, and even internationally.

Let us introduce you.

Our Recruiting Team

We’re very fortunate to have IT Recruiting Professionals on our team who have lived the professional life our IT Pros are living. With programmer and developer backgrounds, our IT Recruiters have strong experience to draw from when screening, interviewing, or sourcing a candidate for our clients. Beyond that they’re good people. And when you’re in a relationship business like we are, you need to be able to make a connection that lasts – Our Recruiting Professionals excel at this.

Our Recruiting Methods

Inbound Recruiting

We make a significant financial investment to have our Open IT Jobs listed across the most well known internet job boards on the web, including those most relevant to IT Job Seekers. By combining those listings with our own Job Board listings on the Lighthouse Technology Services website, we’re visible to IT Job Seekers in the places they look most to apply.

Aside from job board applications, having worked with thousands of IT Professionals over our company’s history opens the door for a significant amount of referred candidates. Our referral flow from those who’ve worked with us in the past and those we know in the industry is a wonderful asset to us. IT Professionals are applying to and being considered for our Open IT Positions every day.

Outbound Recruiting

We invest in technology tools that allow us to source qualified potential candidates for open IT positions, and we reach out to them proactively to see if the timing is right. Our proprietary database allows us access to thousands of resumes that we’ve already vetted, and with relationships we’ve already built, allowing us to move the process forward much more quickly for our candidates and our clients.

Our Recruiting Professionals are knowledgeable, outgoing, and kind. And their outreach efforts lead us to quality people who have the skills to fit the position and are ready to look at the next step in their career.

Cloud Recruiting Network

Sourcing IT Professional Candidates can be challenging for certain job requirements. In order to further expand our options for connecting with and supplying the best possible candidates to our clients, we have a vetted list of 3rd Party Recruiting Professionals and Firms we can reach out to if we’re running into a challenge in finding the right fit candidate. 3rd Party Recruiting Professionals interested in joining our network of providers can begin the process by signing up for our IT Recruiter Program.

All of these avenues provide us with the ability to connect you with Quality IT Professionals. You can learn more about our IT Recruiting Process by viewing our Slideshare: How We Recruit IT Professionals for Our Clients.

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