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IT Security Risk, Network and Systems Vulnerabilities, Disaster Recovery Plans, Technology Purchasing – Your IT Department (whether you have one or not) has a lot of areas to cover, and that’s without day to day IT operations. 

With all those moving parts, it can be very difficult to grasp where your company stands with technology. As a Business Manager or IT lead, you may have questions for your IT Department like:

Is my business compliant?

What is my risk?

What are my options for mitigating that risk?

Where do I spend my money effectively, when it comes to our company’s technology?

Lighthouse Technology Services provides IT Assessments for Organizations, to help Business Executives and IT Managers alike understand the answers to these and other worrisome business-technology questions.

How Our IT Assessment Process Works

Our IT Assessment process is handled in three parts: Onsite, Systems Scans, and IT Documentation Review & Preparation.

The first is the onsite process, in which we visit your location(s), tour your facility, and interview all the appropriate technology stakeholders within the company – including Executives and IT Management. The onsite process can vary in time from half day to full day depending on the size of the Organization.

Simultaneous to our onsite process, and with permission of the company’s management team, we will be running systems scans on the company’s technology systems. Our tools are non-obtrusive and do not cause any disruptions in the system. Existing users can go about their daily business with no interruption. Our systems scans can identify compliance issues, internal and external vulnerabilities, security threats, underperforming technology assets, and inventory and map the company’s entire technology ecosystem. It’s like getting a CT scan and blood work done on your company’s technology – the data will either verify or alert you to your company’s technology health or potential issues.

The third component to our IT Assessment process is IT Documentation Review & Preparation. We ask our clients for copies of their Employee Manuals, to understand the company’s policies on employee’s use of technology assets. We gather copies of the company’s Disaster Recovery Plan, Business Continuity Plan, and any applicable documentation the organization should have on file to reduce or eliminate their technology risk.

We assemble our notes and data, and compile an IT Assessment report, which outlines your company’s risk issues and recommendations for handling them. We provide this to you as a deliverable, along with electronic copies of all our scan reports.

This solution is a great way to understand where you are and prioritize a list of action items to help you get to where you want to go.

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