Referral Compensation Program

A Compensation Program for Technology Professionals

Technology Pros today are inundated with work demands and seemingly endless tasks to complete.

Plus, technology keeps evolving and moving the solutions goal-posts.

It can be hard to find the time or emotional energy to investigate new solutions to our work challenges.

Or to search for a new technology job.

So we stick with the status quo.

And we never make progress.

Sometimes though, all we need is a friend who can help.

And Lighthouse, with offerings that span Technology Staffing, Technology Services, and Technology Jobs, has solutions to many of these challenges.

Because of this, Lighthouse Technology Services now offers a Referral Compensation Program for Technology Pros who want to help friends tackle their professional challenges.

Here’s How the Lighthouse Technology Services Referral Compensation Program Works:

·      Program Candidates must Apply for the Program using the Sign-Up Form below (Not all candidates who apply will be accepted into the Program – and this program is exclusively for technology professionals)

·      Once accepted into the program, you will be able to submit referrals directly through the Lighthouse Technology Services website.

·      Referrals must be submitted through the Lighthouse Technology Services website to be eligible for compensation.

·      All referral submissions will be tracked internally by Lighthouse Technology Services.

If you feel you or your company may be the right fit for the program, please complete the form below and a Lighthouse Team Member will reach out to you to discuss further details of the program.

We look forward to exploring a referral partnership with you, and the exciting possibilities that may bring.

Thank You.

Referral Compensation Program Sign Up

You can use the form below to initiate a sign up for the Lighthouse Referral Compensation Program. Once you've completed the form, a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss more details about the program and next steps.
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