Our Mission

We Exist to Introduce Companies to the Right Technology Professionals and the Right Technology Solutions, at the Right Time

We recognize that a lot of what we do is timing:

Companies or technology departments come to a place where they need a talented technology professional to join their team.

Or they need access to technology solutions because something stops working, or it becomes time to take the next technology step for their business.

And quality technology professionals arrive at a point where a new challenge, or different circumstances, warrant a workplace change.

We exist for those times when the right technology-professional connection achieves goals.

Our Vision

To Be the Most Inspiring Technology Partner in the Communities We Serve

Because we want to change the stereotype that working with IT professionals can’t be enjoyable, and motivating.

We believe we can provide a technology-partner experience that shines above all others, and makes the people who interact with us feel valued and energized.

Our Values

Follow the Golden Rule

To treat others the way we would like to be treated. We treat people like partners. We treat businesses like they are our business.

Be a Lighthouse

The technology business world can be difficult to navigate. We aspire to be beacons of light in the dark, trying to help everyone we serve find the way to their destination.

Light Up Those Around You

Every day is an opportunity to energize those we touch with positivity and joy. Let us capture that opportunity.

Lighthouse Technology Services

The Place for Technology Talent