What it Means to BE A LIGHTHOUSE

Helping People Through Technology

At Lighthouse Technology Services, our professionals are beacons of light for our clients searching for Technology guidance, team members, resources and support.

We developed the BE A LIGHTHOUSE motto as a call to action for Technology Professionals everywhere who may be searching for something more in their professional lives.

We know the future is more technology, not less.

And now more than ever, we need caring Technology Professionals in this world to help others find the way to their destination.

We believe we can help people.

And below are some more details about what it means to work with us.

Our Benefits

We pride ourselves on offering a superb benefits plan coupled with competitive salaries and rates.

And we provide access to the majority of the standard premiums for our professionals, including:

Our Attitude

We’re not looking to be the biggest technology partner firm in the world. Only the most inspiring.

So, we purposefully maintain a small internal team of Tech Recruiting Professionals, Technology Talent Managers, and HR and accounting professionals.

Staying small focuses our attention on building lasting relationships with the Technology Professionals we recruit, place, and serve.

And our client facing Technology Professionals tend to work either on-site at our client’s office location(s) or remotely, if appropriate to the client’s job requirement.

We work in both W2 and Corp-to-Corp environments depending on the client, the IT Professional, and the applicable regulatory parameters.

Our Style

Many times our clients are so pleased with the quality of work and the character of the Technology Professionals we’ve helped place on contract, that they move to offer our people permanent positions within their company.

If this next step is the right fit for our people, and even though we don’t receive any financial compensation in such an agreement, we consider it a success story.

Because that’s helping people.

And helping people is what it means to BE A LIGHTHOUSE.

We look to treat people how we would like to be treated. And while there are aspects of our client’s activities that are out of our control, we believe we can always control our effort and compassion for the people we touch.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Lighthouse Technology Services

The Place for Technology Talent