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Tech job seekers can view the Lighthouse Technology Services Job Board to see if there are open positions that look like they might be the right fit.

Our client’s positions range from Software Development to IT Infrastructure, Project Management and everywhere in between.

And as a Technology Recruiting Firm, we’re constantly receiving new open Technology positions.

Plus, we’re adding new clients all the time, which means more options for you.

Apply for a Tech Job on our Job Board

You can apply for an open position through our job board at any time.

And our IT Recruitment Team is looking forward to connecting with you and learning more about your skills, background, and job goals.

Once you apply for a position, our Tech Recruiting Specialists will go to work reviewing your application and resume.

If we see a potential fit, we’ll reach out to you to schedule an interview.

You Can Showcase Your Skills Beyond a Resume

Resumes tend to favor good resume writers more than they do good technologists.

At Lighthouse, we leverage evidence based technical testing tools that allow our candidates to showcase what they can do up front.

With our technical testing tools, you can prove you’ve got the technical ability to tackle the job – removing all doubt.

This reduces your time spent interviewing with clients, who are trying to figure out whether or not you’ve got the skills to do the work.

We don’t technical test on every position, but those candidates that do well on these tests when we do, tend to have a much quicker path to the job they’re looking for.

Virtual Interview Options

Finding time to interview is challenging under normal circumstances.

But COVID made things even more challenging, limiting our ability to travel and get together in person.

With Lighthouse, you can interview in both two-way and one-way virtual environments.

Setting up a virtual interview with one of our recruiting specialists has never been easier.

And we even provide one-way interview options which allow you to record an interview on your own, at a time convenient for you.

All of this to say: we have options for you to showcase your skills and potential beyond a resume that winds up in a stack.

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