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IT Job Growth Halts Due to Lack of Supply

The lack of qualified, skilled technology professionals has put the brakes on IT Job growth in the month of August.

Job openings themselves continue to climb in the technology sector and beyond, with a record 6.9 million jobs open in the U.S. across all industries.

In fact, there are more open jobs than there are people to fill them.

But, the gap between demand and supply of technology talent is reaching critical levels.


Here’s one reason…

The US Government is Impacting H-1B Options

As has been noted, denial rates for H-1B visas have been increasing.

Also, class action lawsuits are ongoing against several of the world’s largest IT outsourcing firms, alleging discriminatory hiring practices.

And, newly proposed H-1B rules may completely change the options corporations have for using H-1Bs in the first place.

With such uncertainty around H-1B hiring options, companies are at the point where they are going to have to transform the model they use to achieve their technology talent goals.

So, what does the new model look like?

New Partners, Training, Training, and More Training

On balance, large corporations will look to leverage US-based, boutique partners for contract positions, or the recruitment of specialty-skilled talent.

While small and mid-size businesses in search of technology team members will likely require the assistance of IT-specific recruiting firms.

Internally, companies will take on the training models that tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have used.

Going forward, companies need programs to:

  • Hire more entry-level workers from universities, and train them up.
  • Hire more entry-level workers without a college degree, and train them up.
  • Leverage apprenticeship options within their organizations, to further hands-on training at all levels.
  • Up-skill existing team members on an ongoing basis.

Make no mistake about it…

Organizations are going to have to make a massive shift in the way they partner, recruit, and train, if they’re going to hit their technology talent goals moving forward.

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