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2 Months of No Growth Due to Lack of Supply

Indeed, for a second consecutive month, a lack of technology talent is holding back continued growth in U.S. IT employment.

And as the U.S. economy continues to expand, more technology jobs are coming available.

Be that as it may, for HR managers and technology leaders, finding technology talent now a major challenge.

As a result, companies are completely redesigning how they attract and retain technology team members.

Total Talent Acquisition is the New Normal

As discussed in last month’s IT Jobs Blog Post, HR departments and Technology Leaders are now taking a more well-rounded approach to building their technology teams in this new stingy, recruiting environment.

In general, the strategy of Total Talent Acquisition is the new path forward and includes leveraging all available resource options.

From hiring traditional full-time employees, plus utilizing contract workers and consultants, as well as maintaining a constant focus on training and up-skilling existing team members.

All to gather the talent required to meet today’s technology personnel goals.

Gig-by-Gig and the Future of Technology Teams

The future of the IT Job is taking shape, as the gig economy continues to grow and technology heads look to develop and seek more agile teams.

The combination of a shrinking tech talent pool and the rise in technology leaders looking to source skilled-workers on a project by project basis, means an increase in contract opportunities.

This is a boon for skilled technology workers willing to go the contract route.

A bevy of available options and higher wages await those willing to move from full-time employment to contract employment.

For salaried workers, wages will continue to rise as well.

And organizations are now putting resources behind training employees – a big step in the right direction for everyone.


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