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IT Employment Rose in November

IT Employment was on the rise again in November after a few months of flat or declining growth.

And it’s not just the tech sector, or even the US as a whole for that matter.

Hiring is looking to be up globally in 2019, in part due to continuing technological disruption.

Speaking of disruption…

The East Coast and the Amazon Effect

With Amazon slated to move to the east coast, the demand for experienced tech professionals is driving up compensation in the NYC and DC areas.

But many technology leaders welcome changes like Amazon moving into their city.

Because it helps spread the wealth of tech talent into more regions than just Silicon Valley and Seattle.

No matter where you operate though, capturing that talent is going to require more flexibility.

Hiring Tech Talent is Changing

The US government is further tightening the market for technology pros with its new proposals to change the H-1B visa process.

But while the struggle for hiring tech talent continues, some of that talent is finding that permanent placement positions aren’t the right fit for them at all.

With 45% of Tech Jobs set to be freelanced by 2028, contract opportunities are on the rise.

The benefits for tech workers on contract are increased pay rates and more work-life balance, along with new, positive, work challenges.

Also, the benefits for employers leveraging contracts are reduced risk and lower long-term costs.

That’s a win-win that’s causing an uptick in contract positions.



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