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Because IT Job “Mobility is Leverage”

The lack of supply (versus the demand for) talented technology professionals is driving up wages in the IT Job space.

But it’s also leading to more contract opportunities.

Here’s why:

As Lebron James showed us this summer, “mobility is leverage.”

Technology Professionals who are willing to forgo long-term, traditional, permanent placement roles are finding that the prices companies are willing to pay for their services continues to rise.

And skilled Tech Workers know this.

So instead, more IT Pros are leveraging contract opportunities with a Lebron-like free-agent mindset.

August 2018 IT Jobs Data Infographic

For IT Talent: It’s High Demand, Low Supply

Because demand for technology professionals continues to increase, HR departments and recruiting professionals are becoming more aggressive in their outreach.

Tech Pros that are willing to move on from their current IT jobs are finding themselves holding a wealth of employment options, and higher wages.

An understanding of the market is prompting technology department leaders and HR department heads to consider contract options for their vacant IT roles, instead of must-stay, permanent-hire positions.

The lure of permanent placements used to be their ability to offer “security” and “consistency.”

But, with such massive demand for IT talent, IT professionals are coming to understand that the market itself is their security.

And, that finding a job isn’t the goal anymore when everybody wants you.

Now, tech pros are asking themselves a different question:

“Why limit my wages, when I could do like Lebron?”

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