6 Questions Successful Tech Pros Ask Before a Job Interview

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Different companies use different types of interview processes. And, even within the same company, different hiring managers can have different interview procedures and styles. Because of this, the first step to setting yourself up for success in your next Tech Job Interview, is to ask your Recruiter, HR contact, or Hiring Manager some basic questions… Read more »

Why the H-1B Visa Debate Matters to Buffalo

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Five Presidential Candidates left in their respective political party primaries, and at least four of the five have either come to Buffalo or will be coming to Buffalo over a two-week span, culminating with a Donald Trump speaking event at the First Niagara Center the day before the New York Republican Primary. Presidential Candidates, H-1B… Read more »

How to Apply for an IT Job in Buffalo, NY

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Applying for an IT Job in Buffalo, NY can be challenging. Like in many cities across the globe, IT Professionals are in high demand in Buffalo. With high salaries and so much at stake, IT Hiring Professionals are diligent in their search for the right IT Team Members for their Teams. How You Apply for… Read more »

(eGuide) How to Light Up Your Next IT Job Interview in Buffalo, NY

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Interviewing for an IT Job can be challenging, especially in the competitive Buffalo, NY tech jobs market. Perform Your Best and Optimize Your Chances of Success with this Free eGuide that outlines 10 Steps to Help You Light Up Your Next IT Job Interview in Buffalo, NY. Click Here to Download the Free eGuide: How to… Read more »

3 Questions to Answer in Your Next IT Job Interview

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IT and Tech Job Interviews can be challenging, and being prepared increases your chances of success in landing an IT Job. While interview questions may vary from IT Manager to IT Manager, there are some IT interview questions that tend to come up consistently across the board. Here are 3 Questions you can prepare for… Read more »

(Infographic) 7 Reasons Why 2016 is a Good Year to be an IT Pro in Buffalo NY

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Buffalo, NY is starting to make a move as an Emerging Tech City. With Major Investment Happening in Progressive Energy (Solar City), Health Care Technology & Research (Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus), and Beyond, Buffalo now has the Hottest Construction Market in the Northeast. And a lot of the Growth is Centered around New Technology –… Read more »