The Lighthouse Technology Services brand is built around the image of the lighthouse. We’re thrilled to see such a wonderful and historic site as the Buffalo Main Lighthouse restored to its former glory. The relighting of the lighthouse is another signal that Buffalo is a growing, vibrant community to work and live in.

The Buffalo Main Lighthouse is Relit

The Buffalo Lighthouse has been relit and serves as a spectacle for those around the waterfront once again. Being that Lighthouse Technology Services is founded in Buffalo and our company logo and brand is based on the symbolism of the lighthouse, we had a natural interest in this wonderful landmark and occasion for our city.

Advancements in Tech Have Changed the Game

In 1833, the Buffalo Lighthouse used oil lamps as the technology to power its lights; today, parts of it use solar paneling. Advancements in technology have allowed the Lighthouse to operate more efficiently and with more power than ever before. Today, the Buffalo Lighthouse beam glows even brighter than it did in its history. Coincidentally enough, solar panel technology looks to power another increase, this time in employment, in the Buffalo tech community.

Buffalo’s Bright Outlook

The Buffalo Lighthouse is once again a feature point along Lake Erie, like our city. And of course, being a provider of IT Jobs and Employment, we asked the President of the Buffalo Lighthouse Association, Mike Vogel, his thoughts on if the relighting of the Buffalo Main Lighthouse could have any kind of effect on Buffalo’s tech employment opportunities. “I hope so,” he replied. “The more you make a place better to live, the more better-skilled workers will want to live here.” The next steps for the Lighthouse include a gallery space and observation tower, as well as offering additional public space in the area around the lighthouse.

The Buffalo Lighthouse is just one example of the unique draw of our city. Mr. Vogel described how people come from every state and even travel around the world to see this lighthouse. Lighthouse Technology Services works with IT professionals both local and across the country to bring them to IT Jobs in the Buffalo area.

We’re proud to call Buffalo our home. We strive to guide our clients through IT Staffing and IT Support challenges the way a Lighthouse guides ships through treacherous waters. A special thank you to the Buffalo Lighthouse Association for preserving this historic and beautiful landmark for our city. You can find more information about the Buffalo Lighthouse Association on their website –

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