This Thursday night is the Bills’ home opener against the New York Jets. Our city has been buzzing since our disappointing loss this past Sunday in our first game. However, this week we are at home and everyone is gearing up for a fun night at New Era Field. Buffalo is ‘numero-uno’ when it comes to tasty finger foods and delicious snacks. We talked to a couple IT Pros to see what their go-to snack ideas are for the Bills home opener.

Pizza & Wings

There will be a wide variety of snack dishes, pizzas, wings, and chips out there tomorrow, but we needed to know what the IT Pros crave. What is your go-to snack for a Bills Game, especially this home opener? Mark Molfese, Systems Administrator for Lighthouse Technology Services, commented, “Pizza and Wings. Always.” He continued, “Pizza and wings have been around me for a long time – engrained in me since I was a kid.” When asked if there was a specific place that was his favorite, Mark answered, “La Nova Pizza and BBQ Wings. There is nothing else like it.”

Buffalo Wing Dip

IT Pro Rick Hawley, Professional Services Manager at Lighthouse Technology Services, dove into even more detail with a different choice, “My wife makes an amazing Buffalo Wing dip with chips. I can even spread it on bread, almost like a pâté, it is so thick, and really good.” We asked Rick when he first was introduced to the Buffalo Wing Dip, he commented, “Late 90’s, my buddy loves it, we take it everywhere we go, and it has become a favorite among our friends. It also goes well with beer.” What would you say to someone who has never experienced this Buffalo Wing dip before? He said, “People who like spicy pizza and wings, they are going to love it, because you can put it on anything. My daughter has put it in the middle of her mashed potatoes. I am not saying it’s very healthy, but it is tasty.”

Emergency Backup Snacks

What about backup snacks? In every sport there is a backup, a go-to man or woman to step in when your starter gets hurt or is unavailable to play. Similarly, we needed to know what’s the other option they could call on to satisfy their hunger needs during this home opener. Mark went with, “Nachos. You can make them yourself, or go to the Hard Rock Café in Niagara Falls. They have great nachos.” Rick countered with, “Fontana’s pizza, they make a really good pizza. They use the corn flower underneath the bed of it, and it has a little crumble pie to it, we love it.”

Results May Vary

There will be plenty of snacks made and bought tomorrow, especially for tailgating, and we received a few ideas that we are sure will be witnessed out there before, and even after, the game. We were surprised there was no mention of Bison Chip Dip, coming from a Western New York crew – usually a fan favorite in Buffalo for sporting events like the Bills home opener. But these two IT Pros do know the ins and outs of the snack world here in our hometown. We hope you enjoy the game, and feel free to share with us – What are some of your snack favorites?

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