Creating the Ideal Candidate Experience

Think about the best hiring process you’ve ever experienced.   Whether you worked with an agency or a corporate recruiter, you were likely met with more information than you expected. A comprehensive overview of the role/company, a defined hiring timeline, a set number of interview rounds as well as what those conversations or assessments would entail, and […]

Elevate Your LinkedIn Profile with These Proven Techniques

When’s the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? Was it the last time you were applying for a new job? Maybe you set up a profile back in college but haven’t refreshed it in years? Keeping your profile up-to-date and sharing posts with updates about your work can pay dividends in the long run. […]

Navigating the Job Search as a College Student

As a college student, you learn to juggle many parts of life pretty quickly. The to-do list gets long when you factor in classes, homework assignments, any part-time jobs, clubs or campus groups, and keeping up with friends and family. Preparing for your internship or job search? That’s something you want to be proactive with, […]